Don’t forget Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I want to remind all of you to remember that special someone who means so much to you. We often forget to cherish those close to us. I’ve been very blessed with a great family, friends, and … Continued

Keys of Life Uriel’s Justice and Sword of Fire says Thank You Sienna Book Club

Keys of Life authors Tom and Carolyn visited the lovely ladies at the Sienna Book Club. They have supported us and we dropped off a chocolate chip cookie to say Thanks. I want to say Sienna Book Club is an … Continued

Sword of Fire on the Keys of Life Cover

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The Sword of Fire is an illustration done by our fantastic Marty Johnson. Master Wong’s ancestors tell of a story of a great sword forged from the fire of the great red dragon of heaven and from the volcanic rock … Continued

Keys of Life: Sword of Fire comes out in November 2016

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Yes Keys of Life fans the second book will be out in November. Ash and Cordy must travel the world finding the Keys of Life which will save the world. Watch for it on Amazon I want to say to … Continued