Keys of Life Uriel’s Justice and Sword of Fire says Thank You Sienna Book Club

Sienna Book Club has been a big supporter of Keys of Life
Sienna Book Club has been a big supporter of Keys of Life

Keys of Life authors Tom and Carolyn visited the lovely ladies at the Sienna Book Club. They have supported us and we dropped off a chocolate chip cookie to say Thanks. I want to say Sienna Book Club is an inspiration to local writers and indie publishers. They took a chance on us and we so appreciated everything they’ve done. Keys of Life has been a repeated #1 Amazon Best Seller in Historical Thrillers and Historical Fantasy. Our success is a tribute to the avid readers of Book Clubs over America. Book Clubs all over America promote reading and we salute all of them.

Oprah Winfrey is my hero in her quest to promote authors on her television show. My fear is that our lives will become to busy for reading books. The greatest joy in my world is lying in bed with a good book. Sienna Book Club promotes reading books and different books that we may not always pick. I’ve discovered by taking a chance expands my horizons and fills my life with surprises.

Book Clubs all over the world get a big thumbs up from us especially the wonderful Sienna Book Club.
Thank you!